Our Philosophy

We manufacture high quality height adjustable office desks and furniture.

Our current product range encompasses Electronic, Gas –lifting, and hand crank operated height adjustable desks. The innovative spirit and the emphasis on tirelessly improving the quality of our products and services have attracted the most talented people around the world.

With German product engineering, UK Central St Martin graduated designer’s design, and highly automated and precision equipment, RuiShi provide high quality and modern designed products to clients around the world.
RuiShi aims to bring intelligent technology into daily life, creating a more healthy and comfortable working and living environment.


At RuiShi, we are dedicated to provide high tech, high spec furniture for the future. we focusing on building high-tech Electric Height Adjustable Desk, Gas Lifting Height Adjustable Tables and Manual Crank Height Adjustable Desks. This super smart and high-quality electronic height adjustable desk with in-built motor system, enables automatic sit-to-stand in seconds. Designing an ergonomic workplace for employees to reduce injury risks due to unsuitable sitting positions, as well as increasing productivity.


Innovation is the fuel for sustainable growth. In Ruishi, with an experienced and passionate international team, we keep innovation as one of the core values of our company. The constant evolution of technology empowered us to apply the cutting edge tech into improving our life quality.  
Thus, we are leading in electric height adjustable desks, gas lifting height adjustable tables and manual crank height adjustable desks.  Our sit to stand products designed for an ergonomic working and living environment.

With a rich developing pipeline, more and more new products are adding to our ergonomic products line to serve our clients. Our strong design force enables us to have more flexibility to help our clients to develop the most suitable products for their market.


We believe customer satisfaction is one of the core values for RuiShi. Furthermore, we believe technology is designed to improve our environment and life quality. Good service is the bridge! Our customized solution for electric height adjustable desk is designed to meet every clients unique needs. In the past 15 years, we have built up strong bond with our clients. We LOVE to go the extra mile for our clients, and we will provide best service at all times!

We can tailor-made high-quality electric, gas spring,manual height adjustable furnitures for you.