Acoustic Phonebooth internal design for office meetings, calls, small office pod
acoustic phone booth, office pod, with tempered glass design.
Ruishi acoustic phone booth, single version

Acoustic Phonebooth Office Pod

Perfect for making important calls or participating in video conferences. Have your discussions in privacy without disturbing your colleagues.

This acoustic office pod phonebooth delivers an echo-free and comfortable working environment. 

All materials are carefully selected to make sound insulation effect. 

No matter how noisy the office, our pod gives you a place to concentrate.

Acoustic Phone Booth Product highlight:

•Ceiling: 130mm thickness ceiling with 3 layers of the carefully selected insulated board, soundproof cotton, sound-absorbing fabric

•Door: 40mm thickness door with sound proofing foam filling and sound absorbing finishing to create a superior sound insulated.

•Aluminum alloy panel:  Adopted new technology of perforated aluminum panel sound-absorbent wall with centrifugally glass-wool inside.

•3 side tempered glass wall: 12mm thickness soundproofing tempered glass