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2211, 2018

New Product – The most economic height adjustable desk

The traiff in the US has changed in late 2018. All the electric height adjustable desk made in China will face a 25% tariff when importing into the US market. The new tariff will apply from 1st Jan. 2019. An economic height adjustable desk product is needed.

Lots of office furniture companies in the US has on hold their project. They are wishing to wait for the market becomes more certain.

Ruishi had been working with US clients for years.  We totally understand the extra 25% will change the market for height adjustable desk a lot. To avoid such negative impact,  we developed a new dual-motor electric base, to help our clients to shoulder the extra cost, to maintain and even gain more market share in the new regime.

This new economic line, compare to Ruishi standard extra strong products it provides all the needs for normal office and home use.

With 220lb load […]

1311, 2018

Gyro Sensor- Ruishi Electric Height Adjustable Desk Just Getting Smarter

In our new generation electric height adjustable desks, we have applied Gyro Sensor into the desks system.

Which means when the desk is off balance it will automatically stop.

This new hardware helped improve the desk performance, especially when triggering anti-collision safe protection function, the desk is making a smarter decision.

Gyro sensors sense angular velocity from the Coriolis force applied to a vibrating object.
Here is a picture explained how gyro sensors used: (This is an explanation and demo based on Epson T

609, 2018

Electric Height Adjustable Desks Promotion – One Step Closer to You

Electric Height Adjustable Desks Promotion
Everyday we are thinking how to improve a bit more on our product and our services, now we take two more steps to you. With the biggest ever electric Height Adjustable Desks Promotion, offering our best selling SKU: RS200PRE and RS300 for you.

Stock Available Locally for Electric Height Adjustable Desks Promotion
It can be headache for resellers that running out of stock but shipping from factory will take long time, may miss the deadline.It is not nice when you need a small quantity but have to pay a high shipping cost from China. Maybe you never imported height adjustable desks from China, and the custom documents is a bit extra effort. Now we have electric height adjustable desk stock available for you locally in USA , stock will be available in the UK from Oct.
Price for the RS200PRE highest spec dual motor three section leg, 4 memories programmable handset […]

609, 2018

Electric Height Adjustable Desks Promotion

Electric Height Adjustable Desks Promotion

To celebrate our best selling products RS200PRE and RS300, we take some stock out for the biggest ever electric height adjustable desks promotion to thank you everyone’s support, and also trying to introduce the products to more users.

To reduce your pressure on minimum order quantity, there is no MOQ for this promotional products.

Dual Motor 3 Section high spec electric height adjustable desks promotion price from $160/set.

A very quick delivery available to ship directly from LA to all USA clients who need to fulfil their order quick, or just need few sets and don’t want to suffer a high shipping cost, or never imported from China and don’t want to headache of doing custom clearance.

Stocks will be available in the UK for UK and European customers too.

Best selling 2 leg – Foldable design RS200PRE

Video reference:

Product Feature

·    Stable, Probably one of the most stable desk you can get […]

407, 2018

Height Adjustable Desk HS Code

Why It is important to check the height adjustable desk HS Code ?
Some new importers sometimes find it is difficult to classify Height Adjustable Desk HS Code when they start import this products. Classify your product with the right code can avoid trouble in customs clearance, and apply the right level of duty and tax.  The Height Adjustable desk HS Code varies depends on the country you importing to, and how they packed, and what parts in etc.

Normally your Chinese suppliers provide custom clearance documents, the HS code will be the height adjustable desk code in China, each destination country will have slightly different HS Code for this product.
How ?
To classify your product you will need to understand below information from your Chinese height adjustable manufacturer.

what they’re made from
how they work
how they’re packaged (classify items in a set separately if they can be used individually, otherwise classified by the main […]

205, 2018

How to choose tabletop for height adjustable desks

How to choose tabletop for height adjustable desks
Sometimes the height adjustable desk is not with tabetop when sourcing from factory directly.  Office furniture distributors either sourcing height-adjustable desk tabletop locally or make tabletop themselves.I always got clients asking me how to choose tabletop for height adjustable desks, as there are very different type material, finishing and price ranged widely. In this article I will explain some of the most common material and finshing for tabeltop use.

Most common tabletop for height adjustable desks – materials


It is used in light weight furniture such as shoe racks, portable furniture, etc. where heavy loads are not applied.  — Ikea wood panel for height adjustable desk tabletop is mainly this type.
It is used in modular office furniture, children furniture, computer tables, and wardrobes in areas where they are not in contact with moisture.
It can be used as shutters for various storage units, as laminated particle boards.

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