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103, 2017

Find Your Best Office Furniture Supply from CIFF 2017 Guangzhou

The CIFF China International Furniture Fair is an international furniture fair, it takes places twice a year. The 39th China International Furniture Fair will take place in Guangzhou in few week’s time. The first phase will take place on March 18 to 21, and will feature home furniture, outdoor furniture, leisure products, home textiles, and home décor. The second phase will take place on March 28 to 31, and will feature office furniture supply, hotel furniture, furniture machinery, raw materials, and public furniture.


The CIFF 2017 is open for trade visitors, furniture retailers, and manufacturers from all around the world. Throughout the years, the event has become one of the most prestigious fairs for the furniture industry. The goal of the event is to show the latest products, trends, and concepts, as well as provide solutions for all the furniture variants.


VENUE:China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou
No.380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, […]

3101, 2017

Ruishi Height Adjustable Desk Supply Relocation and Increased Production Capacity

Ruishi Height Adjustable Desk Supply is one of the fastest growing suppliers of the height adjustable standing desk and other ergonomic furniture. At the end of 2016, we moved from our old office in Shanghai to a new office in TaiCang.

During this time, we also expanded our factory, so we could improve our line of sit-stand desk. We can also produce double the amount of desks. The desks that we produce are also higher quality because we have more room and are sourcing better supplies.

Changes the Ways that We Sit

In the last 20 years, there have been changes in the way that we sit. Most people sit for hours every day. In most offices, the printer, scanner, and paperwork is kept close to the desk, so there is less walking needed to complete tasks.

Along with your commute to and from work, you are sitting for most of the day. This […]

2401, 2017

School Standing Desk Will Make Pupil Smarter – Ruishi

Enormous studies and researches shows using standing desk to stand up is good for employees in the office. Recently, this trend is reaching to school.  Students sit down for relatively long hours per day while they study. School standing desk can not only improve student’s health, guestures, learn better but also can get a brain boost if they spend lessens on their feet. (Ref: Daily Mail)

Scientists have discovered using standing desks can improve the cognitive function of children by between seven and 14 per cent.
Standing up in classrooms could allow pupils to increase the amount they learn while at school. Researchers found children were more engaged and were better at solving problems when they used standing desks compared to traditional classroom seating plans.

Primary school in the UK becomes first in Europe to introduce desks allowing children to stand up while working in bid to improve concentration and health.

The school suggest that ‘It […]

1611, 2016

Waterproof Control Panel for Electric Standing Desk

Waterproof Control Panel for Electric Standing Desk

At Ruishi we add little things to the products to surprise you. Isn’t this waterproof control panel very considerable ? No need to worry about coffee, tea or water pour on the desk accidently anymore.

2310, 2016

Ruishi RS300 L Shape Electric Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Standing Corner Table

Ruishi RS300 Any Angel Electric Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Standing Corner Table

Same as other Ruishi Electric Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Standing Desk, Ruishi RS300 have telescopic desk frame to fit different size table-top.

To make desk muser-friendlily, we make the desk can fit any angel.  The middle plate with innovative design, make the desk frame can be adjusted to any angel (from 90-180 degree).  This is the first in the industry.

Details please check out our video as below

1410, 2016

How to Find the Right Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Supplier In China

Height Adjustable Sit- Stand desk is becoming a standard in many countries in the office now.  A lot of furniture companies around the world are trying to work with some reliable height adjustable sit- stand desk suppliers in China. Here are some quick tips on how to find the right height adjustable sit- stand desk supplier in China.
First of all, identify the type of  height adjustable sit- stand desk supplier in China is the best fit you.  
There are 3rd party suppliers, trading companies and manufacturers.

Most of the time the manufacturer will be very focused on only height adjustable desk. If you have the capability to source, or manufacture the other relevant parts yourself, and aim to order in large quantity, it is good a choice.
If you will need to find one supplier can help you on all, most of the time they will be 3rd party suppliers or […]

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