810, 2019

Coworking has boomed in Houston, but the model may need tweaking

Coworking spaces and other flexible work environments where tenants can rent desks or offices by the month occupy more than 1.4 million square feet in buildings throughout the Houston area, three times as much as they did in 2010, new data show.

But amid recent turmoil at WeWork, the high-flying coworking operator that canceled its IPO and ousted its CEO amid the company’s massive devaluation, observers are asking: Will coworking continue to boom?

It could, but not with the WeWork model, said Andrew Segal, chairman and CEO of Boxer Property, a Houston-based real estate company with more than 15 million square feet of commercial real estate nationwide.

WeWork leases big blocks of office space from landlords, builds out high-end spaces with expensive finishes and then subleases the space to freelancers, entrepreneurs and larger companies. It’s now the country’s most dominant flexible space operator in terms of size and growth, with nearly 11 million […]

210, 2019

Why Office Pods/ Acoustic Phonebooth is the new trend?

According to Statista’s coworking space worldwide statistics, there are currently around 18,700 coworking spaces around the globe. The number is growing daily and is expected to reach nearly 26,000 by 2025. Flexible and coworking spaces will continue to flourish as technology allows us to remain connected wherever we may be located.

At the same time as real-estate costs rose near the turn of the century, open offices were attractive for packing in more workers for less. But they were also meant to usher in a new age of teamwork and collabration.

Furthermore, with the rise of email —and even cell phones, which allow people to take those personal stoop calls. This makes the intermittent interruption of socially-subscribed silence even more maddening than the ambient noise. When everyone’s trying to work quietly, so any interruption of that is very noticeable, especially when someone is having a loud coversation.

The Coworking […]

110, 2019

How to best use a sit-stand desk?

The sit-stand desk has been the new trend for a few years in the market now. It has become more and more common for offices to use a sit-stand height adjustable desks when they innovate their offices or open new offices.

Ruishi Height Adjustable Desk – Dual Motor 3 Stages

Studies show an improvement in discomfort and pain as people use the desks, And this was found not only in people who, for example, experienced low back pain, but also in adults with obesity and in healthy populations as well. It also improves productivity.

Sit-stand desks encourages users to move, because that’s what the human body really needs, our body is not built for sitting. Whether it’s shifting from foot to foot while standing or changing between sit-stand positions throughout the day, it’s important to avoid being still and sedentary for prolonged periods of time.

To best use your […]

2204, 2019

New Product – Acoustic Phone Booth

In the modern office employers are focusing on providing interaction ,collaboration and ergonomic work environment, as well as providing a more focus and private office.

We are more connected than ever, the popularity of open-plan offices, height adjustable desks, co-working spaces and multimedia, we are more distracted and surrounded by more noise .

It is important to provide an acoustic environment in the office can help achieve better concentration levels among personnel, hence leading to a more productive work force. Ruishi Acoustic phone booth was designed based on this concept, to go along with our height adjustable desk product line.

Key factors:

1.    Superior sound insulation

2.    Sleek and smooth space shape design

3.    Aluminium alloy, tempered glass, acoustic fabric

4.    Sense light and abstract fan, USB, High table

Ruishi Acoustic Phone Booth, office sound proof pod, ruishi prodcut

Ruishi Acoustic Phone Booth, office sound proof pod, private room, Ruishi manufacturing

Ruishi Acoustic Phone Booth, office sound […]

1001, 2019

Chinese New Year Height Adjustable Desk Manufacturing Arrangement

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday.


Here is our Chinese New Year holiday arrangement, to make sure your delivery will be on time, pls check our height adjustable desk manufacturing arrangement.


Our Ruishi Height Adjustable Desk Factory will be closed for Chinese New Year from 22nd Jan to 14th Feb 2019

Last Height Adjustable Desk manufacturing  day before CNY holiday: 14th Jan

First Height Adjustable Desk manufacturing  day after CNY holiday: 20th Feb


Warehouse in CA will be open, and lead time changed from 1 working day to 3 working days, dual motor electric height adjustable base available.

London Office will be open as normal for height adjustable desk inquiries, orders and customer services.


You can also place order on Alibaba from our online shop.

If you may have any needs during our holiday period, pls feel free to contact us.

2211, 2018

New Product – The most economic height adjustable desk

The traiff in the US has changed in late 2018. All the electric height adjustable desk made in China will face a 25% tariff when importing into the US market. The new tariff will apply from 1st Jan. 2019. An economic height adjustable desk product is needed.

Lots of office furniture companies in the US has on hold their project. They are wishing to wait for the market becomes more certain.

Ruishi had been working with US clients for years.  We totally understand the extra 25% will change the market for height adjustable desk a lot. To avoid such negative impact,  we developed a new dual-motor electric base, to help our clients to shoulder the extra cost, to maintain and even gain more market share in the new regime.

This new economic line, compare to Ruishi standard extra strong products it provides all the needs for normal office and home use.

With 220lb load […]

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