Why It is important to check the height adjustable desk HS Code ?

Some new importers sometimes find it is difficult to classify Height Adjustable Desk HS Code when they start import this products. Classify your product with the right code can avoid trouble in customs clearance, and apply the right level of duty and tax.  The Height Adjustable desk HS Code varies depends on the country you importing to, and how they packed, and what parts in etc.

Normally your Chinese suppliers provide custom clearance documents, the HS code will be the height adjustable desk code in China, each destination country will have slightly different HS Code for this product.

How ?

To classify your product you will need to understand below information from your Chinese height adjustable manufacturer.

  • what they’re made from
  • how they work
  • how they’re packaged (classify items in a set separately if they can be used individually, otherwise classified by the main item)

In general most of the height adjustable desk in the market now are made from metal, can electronically drive, gas spring operation, or hand manual.

Normally the height adjustable desks and standing desks are flat packed.

Importing to the UK Height Adjustable Desk  HS Code checking

If you are importing Height Adjustable Desks into UK market you can look up below link to find you suitable HS Code

: https://www.trade-tariff.service.gov.uk/trade-tariff/chapters/94

You can either use “9403109800″  if you desk height exceeding 80cm, the duty is 0%

Or 9403105100 for under 80cm, this applies to the tabletop standing desk, or height adjustable desk converter, the duty is 0% too.


Importing to the US Height Adjustable Desk  HS Code checking

When importing to the US, the Best place to look for it will be always government trade website


At the moment, importing height adjustable desk from China is subject to free of duty.

here is another  useful link to find the HS CODE for height adjustable desk as well


Sometimes height adjustable desk may have different codes depending on how you claim the parts.

HS Code: 940310

Product Description: Metal Height Adjustable Desk

This one is perfectly fine, and easy to use.

If you are buying parts, you can also use below code

HS Code: 842699


HS Code: 940520 for standing desk

Pls make sure each year you check the update on the codes, as sometimes they may change. The links apply no matter where you import the products from.

I will add more countries HS code later on.


Importing to the EU Height Adjustable Desk  HS Code checking

Importing height adjustable desks to EU at the moment the tariff is 0%



If you have any question regarding height adjustable desks supply pls feel free to get in touch.