Height Adjustable Table for School in the classroom used to be an idea which was quickly revoked. This, however, changed quickly. As a matter of fact, standing desks are making a particularly significant impact at schools throughout the entire world, not only in the USA but in the UK and the EU as a whole. However, solutions of the kind are complex.


The Ruishi RS100C is a leading option in the segment, guaranteeing that all the beneficial concepts of a standing and height adjustable table for students are well accomplished. Boasting premium quality of materials and flawless engineering, the table is amongst the leaders on the market, for a range of good reasons. There are a lot of issues that this particular approach tends to address.


One of the problems that the industry has tried to resolve for quite some time is fixing people’s posture while sitting at school on the desk or while you are working and other activities that you commonly do while sitting down on a chair. And, with the strides that technology has been making, preventing bad posture has become particularly easy. We are here to present you with height adjustable table for students called the Ruishi RS100C. It’s a gas lifting device which is specifically designated to help you with your posture.


Standing Desk for School – Things to Consider About the Ruishi RS100C


Now, there are quite a few specifications that you might want to take into account. Right off the bat, the diameter of the table is 80 mm while the stroke is 415. Furthermore, when it’s compressed, the table is the convenient and regular 625 mm high while when it’s extended, the length is 1040 mm. This is something which is going to provide your kid with a chance to study standing, hence preventing any posture deformation. This is something that schools are actively observing and realising its full potential.


Specifications of the Ruishi RS100C:



Now, the tube material which is going to lift the table is made out of steel which is powder painted. The entire desktop dimension in mm is 800 x 800 x 25. Of course, the gas lifting height adjustable table for school that we offer are all adjustable, and we can craft them based on your business’s demand and preference.


This is also particularly convenient for a range of different solutions. Having the necessary expertise, we are capable of providing your business or school with the equipment of the future. It’s obvious that gas lifting height adjustable table for school are the future in the segment, so why wait?