Height Adjustable Sit to Stand Office Standing DesK - Ruishi

In this article, I seek to assist those purchasing a height adjustable desk,  how to chose a height adjustable desk.

There are currently three main height adjustable desks on the market. Electronically operated, gas lifting, and crank manual.

I do not seek to cover each of these, but for our purposes will focus on the electronically operated.

Although the most expensive, many users argue it to be the most value for money.

How do height adjustable desks work:

With the more sophisticated ranges, each leg will have its own motor, and its own individual components. This is said to reduce the risk of electrical shocks, and improve the desks overall performance.  Moreover, with each leg carrying its own components, this facilitates trouble-shooting and replacement if need be.

Three main benefits of the electronic versions:

Speed Counts:

“The greater the range the better”.  Speed matters! If the movement is too tardy, the user can find it tiresome and protracted.  The standard speed for a single motor desk is from 15mm-20mm per second.  While the double motor versions travel from 30mm-38mm per second. Ruishi Electric Height Adjustable Desks, standard 3 segments version, speed is 38mm/s.  For Ruishi 2 segments hegith adjustable standing desk, the speed is 20mm/s

Load Counts:

How much a desk can carry can be integral to its use. A multi-purpose desk should be able to withstand heavy objects being placed on it without fear of damage or risks to the users health.  There may also be a heavy computer monitor, printer, books, and even the user leaning their body weight on it.  The more advanced ranges can withstand loads of upto 350lb. Important for maintaining health and safety within the workplace.

Ruishi Sit to Stand Stand up Height Adjustable Desk maximum load all over 1000N  (for 2 legs standing desk ) and 1500N (for 3 legs standing desk)


This technology comes as standard with the most sophisticated models.  Reducing the impact from collision with other objects.  The desk is designed to freeze as soon as it comes into contact with either moving or stationary objects. This is particularly important where objects are placed underneath desk, or where the desk is facing a wall.  Again this is important to maintain health and safety within the workplace.