Ruishi RS100 Portable Gas Lift Height Adjustable Table

RuiShi100 gas lift height adjustable series provides you design-oriented, high quality solutions for multi-function gas lift tables.

The modern and sleek design with round tubes, allows the height adjustable table to blend in with any decor, making this simple design a success.

RS100 provides a multifunction table for your living space. It can be a nice coffee table in a compact kitchen or dinning room, RS100 gas lift mechanism provides adjustable height, which can easily transform the standing bistro table into a dinner table, with it non-rotating system it comes more stable.

RS100 multifunction height adjustable gas lifting table, comes with wheels. It can be easily moved to the living room as a side table, or over bed table, height adjustable bedside table in the bedroom, ergonomic school desk with its height adjustable mechanism.

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RS100Portable Gas Lift Height Adjustable Table Specification

Product NameGas Lift Table (Coffee table, Bistro table, Side table)
Diameter80 mm (3.15 in)
Stroke415 mm (16.3 in)
Length when compressed625 mm (24.6 in)
Length when extended1040 mm (40.9 in)
Stroke force120N (27.lbs)
ColorBlack, White, Gray or Tailor made
Activation/ releaseBowden Wire Release System L=280mm (11.0 in)
Tabletop fittingFlange adapter
Base fittingFlange with Hole-pattern 3*M6 diameter 58mm (2.3 in)
Desktop Dimension (mm)800*800*25mm or option
Tube MaterialPowder Painted Steel Tube
Warranty2 years
Package info500*600*180mm
Gross Weight each set27kgs
20GP quantity500sets by loose ship
High-Quality- Electric - Height- Adjustable -Standing-LShape-Corner-Table Desk -WholeSale- Ruishi-RS300
Height- Adjustable -Standing-Table-Ruishi RS100

This high quality height gas lift height adjustable table is multifunctional, and has also been widely used in commercial environment, as a bistro table in a modern bar, or a coffee shop as a coffee table, hospital over bed table to provide more comfortable customer experience.

The gas lift  height adjustable table product line benefit from the built-in gas lift system, it is easy and quick to adjust, and elastic locking in any position. It allowing customers to tailor it to their needs easily.

This amazing height adjustable table comes with white, black and grey three colors, like other products, we provide customized solution for every client. If you want any other specific color just let us know.