1004, 2018

New Height Adjustable Desk Office Furniture On China International Furniture Fair

The 41st China International Office Furniture Fair in Guangzhou finished end of March, I was there for a whole week as we have a big booth there. If you went there probably saw us. If you missed us and missed the fair, don’t worry. I will quickly summarize it for you.

Some quick tips for next year Office Furniture Fair exhibition if you will come to visit

For office furniture fair from 28th -31st March, it is very busy, and all packed with exhibitors and visitors.  The second and the third day is the busiest day in the show, if you want to avoid that, 1st day would be a choice.

Exhibition center opens at 9am, from 8:30-9:00 the traffic around exhibtion center was really bad. Come after 9 am would be better. If you want to get very detail information and would to have lot of time to discuss one specific product, around lunch […]

1004, 2018

What electric height adjustable desk certificates do you need from manufacturers before importing ?

It is probably very clear for buyers who are in the industry for long, for all the electric height adjustable desks, electric standing desks and any electric adjustable desk, the manufacturer need to have electric height adjustable

desk certificate to comply with CE if they are selling to the EU market, UL for the US market, cUL for Canada market.   With CE, UL and cUL this Chinese height adjustable desk manufacture like Ruishi can have their products eligible to sell almost around the world.

Among CE, UL, cUL, CE is the easiest one.  UL and cUL can be done at the same time, so in this article, I will mainly focus on UL.

UL has a longer application process, including product testing, factory audit and assessing. Normally it will take up to 6 months from application to get a result.   The failure rate is significantly higher than CE.  Once rejected by UL […]

603, 2018

The 41st China International Furniture Fair CIFF- Height Adjustable Desk Supplier

China International Furniture Fair (CIFF) is the largest and by far the most important office furniture exhibition.  It has been successful hold 40 sessions in the last 20 years.

CIFF connects over 4,000 world leading office furniture brands with more than 170,000 professional attendees from 200 countries and regions, creating immense value for the international furniture industry. It is a very good chance to find your reliable suppliers for height adjustable desks

Ruishi as one of the leading height adjustable desk supplier in China, has been work with CIFF for 6 exhibitions, to showcase our new adjustable desk products, ergonomic office furniture, electric standing desk and adjustable tables.

Come and visit us at A3.2 A21 in CIFF Guangzhou, a wide range of innovative designed electric height adjustable desks, gas lifting tables, standing desks, L shape height adjustable corner tables, adjustable corner desks etc.

Address: China Import & Export Fair Complex and Poly World Trade Centre Expo No.380, […]

1501, 2018

A standing desk in the office is not going to work if you sitting incorrectly

Besides using the standing desk in the office to avoid sitting all the time,  sit correctly is important for office workers, to reduce workplace stress and avoid sedentarily lifestyle damage to your health.

Here is some quick tips to check if you are sitting correctly.

Start with your chair. Does it provide good lumber support? It should have a 5 castor base and features should include adjustable seat height, back rest and arms. Not only should the back move up and down but you should be able to adjust the rocker so you can sit slightly back, taking pressure off the hips.

Chair height is important to reduce over stretching. Your arm should form a 90 degree angle just above desk height. Don’t make the mistake of lowering the chair so your feet can reach the ground. This only causes your arms to overreach. If your feet are not stable on the ground a footrest […]

312, 2017

How to Find Standing Desk Supplier on Alibaba

Pros & Cons Of Sourcing Standing Desks From China
It is very common to sourcing standing desks from China now, as China manufacture a large portion of the ergonomic office furniture around the word. Finding standing desk supplier is a important step for many ergonomic office furnitrue businesses.



Massive raw material supply – fine precision steel tube ( for many countries it is very difficult to source high quality of this essential material for standing desk )
Relatively Lower manufacturing costs
Standing Desk Suppliers are (generally) much more open to working with smaller businesses and providing smaller quantities
Relatively larger number of Standing Desk Suppliers to choose from


Perceived lower quality from customers
intellectual property protection is still a common issue. For us we
Language and communication barrier still exist
Difficult/costly to verify manufacturer and visit on-site
Longer shipping time
Cultural differences in business practices
Product importation and customs clearance


Alibaba is the […]

306, 2017

Best Selling Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Best Selling Height Adjustable Standing Desk


The use of a standing desk for school and work has become more popular as people of all heights have to use the same desk. To make a standing desk work for everyone motorized height adjustable standing desk supply offers a desk that is the proper height for everyone. The Ruishi RS200 Dual Motor 3 Stages Electric height adjustable standing for office is the top selling desk, so it is an excellent option for any business or school that needs to add standing desks.


Easy Set Up

The Ruishi RS200 Dual Motor is super easy to set up. All the pieces come in just one box, and you just need to attach the legs to the table top supports. You will need to have a table top ready, but you can use most types and sizes of table tops on the market. Within just a few minutes, you […]

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