RUISHI –  Electric Height Adjustable Desk Supplier

RuiShi Ltd is based in Shanghai, China. It belongs to Hessenn Group ( with 26 years experience in commercial interior. At Ruishi We specialize in designing and manufacturing  high specs Electric Height Adjustable Desk /Electric standing desk, Gas Lifting Height Adjustable Tables, Crank Height Adjustable Desk, Linear Actuators, lifting columns and a full range of related electronic controllers for adjustable standing desks. All of our products can be widely used for workplace, industrial, construction and home applications.Currently, RuiShi height adjustable furnitures are selling well in more than 30 countries around the world.

Our outstanding quality products, competitive prices, and reliable services will guarantee our clients to gain strong advantages over the competitors. We provide not only large scale but also specially customized productions.  Our extensive connections and close cooperation with many large suppliers in this industry, make us have more flexibility to deliver large volume of high-quality tailor-made products in a short time.


Equipments and Production


Our Values


We strive for innovation, continuous improvement and respond vigorously to change, to provide the “best quality” electric height adjustable standing desks, inters of value received for dollars paid.

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfying our customers is our responsibility. We believe in respecting our customers, listening to their requests and understanding their expectations. We strive to exceed their expectations in affordability, quality and on-time delivery.


We are each personally accountable for the highest standards of behaviour, including honesty and fairness in all aspects of our work.

We are looking forward to providing you our excellent ergonomic height adjustable desk products.

You are welcome to contact us for more product information. Let us work together to achieve great success.