Best Selling Height Adjustable Standing Desk


The use of a standing desk for school and work has become more popular as people of all heights have to use the same desk. To make a standing desk work for everyone motorized height adjustable standing desk supply offers a desk that is the proper height for everyone. The Ruishi RS200 Dual Motor 3 Stages Electric height adjustable standing for office is the top selling desk, so it is an excellent option for any business or school that needs to add standing desks.


Easy Set Up

The Ruishi RS200 Dual Motor is super easy to set up. All the pieces come in just one box, and you just need to attach the legs to the table top supports. You will need to have a table top ready, but you can use most types and sizes of table tops on the market. Within just a few minutes, you will have a standing desk for your office. When you order the RS200, you can pick from three colors, which are white, grey and black.


Fits Different Table Tops


Unlike other standing desks on the market, the frame of the RS 200 can be adjusted to fit various sizes and styles of table tops. This helps provide you with the room that is needed for leg space and under the desk storage. You also do not need to worry about buying a table top that is too large or too small because the RS 200 is built to work with most standard sizes of table tops.


Programmable Controls


To make using the RS 200 simple, the control panel allows you to set 4 custom height levels. With the press of a button, the desk will return to the programmed height. There are still up and down controls if you prefer to manually set the height of the desk.


The Motor


The motor that is used in the RS 200 can lift 100kg, so you do not need to worry about removing a computer or any work from your desk. The motor is also designed to detect if there are items in the way of the desk lowering or rising. This stops the motor and the desk before it is able to damage the desk or other items. Even if you are using manual controls, the RS200 will stop until the pathway is clear for it to move. The motor has been tested over 30,000 times to make sure that it will hold up and it is safe to use.


Ruishi is the leading height adjustable desk supply from China. The RS200 Dual Motor can be used for either a sitting or standing desk for school, business, and even at home. There are other models from the motorized height adjustable standing desk supply available in a wide variety of colors for you to choose from.