Recently, there are quite a lot of new companies or brands selling height adjustable desks, and some of them the price is rather cheap. Some client come to ask me, both made in China, why there are so much price differences?  In March, a client brought a “cheap” height adjustable desk to our factory, when they put a Ruishi desk with other brands, they understand how to choose a high-quality height adjustable desk from China made by Ruishi

In that meeting, I also told my client the secret of why you shouldn’t choose a height adjustable desk with a cross beam? Because the desk structure is not stable enough with their existing 2 legs, so they need to add cross beam to increase the stability. A height adjustable desk without cross beam reflects the more stable structure and higher quality.

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Other details to distinguish a high quality Ruishi height adjustable desk from other brands.

  1. Cables and wires:   (The upper one is Ruishi Cable, UL certified cable)
  2. Metal: Ruishi is using thicker steel than normal standard, ours upto 3mm, 4mm compare others at 2mm
    Left one is Ruishi, the right one is other’s
  3. Paint finishing.  We use high quality powder, and hand check every piece to make sure all the paint are perfect
    Below some pictures of Ruishi parts paint
4. Deskframe   (Left one is Ruishi, right is other’s).
Ruishi Standard side frame is 4 bent double layer design, which is more complex technic, provides more support.  While others are using 1 bent single layer design.  Or some is using a tube directly.
As Ruishi Desk is very sturdy and strong, no extra cross rail needed to support the desk.
In Ruishi use ARC welding, the finishing is better.
This is only some visible differences,  there are more inside the lifting column and control system.
Hope this can help you to choose a high quality height adjustable desk from China among so many manufacturers.