It is probably very clear for buyers who are in the industry for long, for all the electric height adjustable desks, electric standing desks and any electric adjustable desk, the manufacturer need to have electric height adjustable

desk certificate to comply with CE if they are selling to the EU market, UL for the US market, cUL for Canada market.   With CE, UL and cUL this Chinese height adjustable desk manufacture like Ruishi can have their products eligible to sell almost around the world.

Among CE, UL, cUL, CE is the easiest one.  UL and cUL can be done at the same time, so in this article, I will mainly focus on UL.

  • UL has a longer application process, including product testing, factory audit and assessing. Normally it will take up to 6 months from application to get a result.   The failure rate is significantly higher than CE.  Once rejected by UL certificate authorization, the applicants will have to make changes accordingly to comply with UL standard, on products, production process, quality control, factory management etc.  It is a big challenge for Height Adjustable Desks Manufactures in China, especially for small companies.
  • The upfront application cost is very high, and to maintain it the factory will have to pay the maintenance fee and accept factory audit every 3 months.

Since UL is strict on product quality, expensive, and take long time to get.  Some height adjustable desk manufacturer may not have UL certificate but need to export to the US or Canada.  What do they normally do ?  They either fake it or use another company’s UL number.  For new buyers who hasn’t pay attention to this may cause a lot of trouble once the products landed in the US.  It is easy to find if the UL number your supplier provide you are valid or not, check the UL database, and see if the UL list number is truthful, and if the company name on the UL database is the same as your supplier’s.

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