Height Adjustable Sit- Stand desk is becoming a standard in many countries in the office now.  A lot of furniture companies around the world are trying to work with some reliable height adjustable sit- stand desk suppliers in China. Here are some quick tips on how to find the right height adjustable sit- stand desk supplier in China.

First of all, identify the type of  height adjustable sit- stand desk supplier in China is the best fit you.  

There are 3rd party suppliers, trading companies and manufacturers.

  • Most of the time the manufacturer will be very focused on only height adjustable desk. If you have the capability to source, or manufacture the other relevant parts yourself, and aim to order in large quantity, it is good a choice.
  • If you will need to find one supplier can help you on all, most of the time they will be 3rd party suppliers or trading companies. They will act on behalf of manufacturers and supply all the relevant products to you, or will help you to find the products you want.

Secondly, Do you want to work big corporate or relatively smaller factories ?

Big corporate normally will be more established, however, they may not dedicate as much attention as smaller companies for you. Smaller business may not have the capacity to meet your demand, or new product development plan. Check your plan first before you decide to go with big corporate or smaller ones.

Thirdly,  The sources to search for suppliers list

  1. Search Engines, search for height adjustable desks , sit-stand desks and other relevant keywords. Most of the result in the first few pages are tend to be retailers, most Chinese suppliers are not ranking high on search engine unless they put lot more effort on marketing
  2. Trade shows such as Canton Fair
  3. Industry exhibitions CIFF , the next one will be in March 2017
  4. Alibaba and Made in China , personally I would use Alibaba as it have more resources and protects buyers.
  5. Social Media. There are many groups about sourcing China, Office Furnitures.

Fourthly, list down the names, filter the list by verifying the companies

Even you don’t have an office or sourcing agent in China, you can still check through 3rd parties website like Alibaba,  most of the good suppliers will have “gold member,” “verified supplier,” “onsite supplier,” or “accredited supplier.” on the sites.

Lastly, Contact the suppliers and compare product, price, service etc. , and visit their factory.

Will share more tips in our next article.