Pros & Cons Of Sourcing Standing Desks From China

It is very common to sourcing standing desks from China now, as China manufacture a large portion of the ergonomic office furniture around the word. Finding standing desk supplier is a important step for many ergonomic office furnitrue businesses.



  • Massive raw material supply – fine precision steel tube ( for many countries it is very difficult to source high quality of this essential material for standing desk )
  • Relatively Lower manufacturing costs
  • Standing Desk Suppliers are (generally) much more open to working with smaller businesses and providing smaller quantities
  • Relatively larger number of Standing Desk Suppliers to choose from


  • Perceived lower quality from customers
  • intellectual property protection is still a common issue. For us we
  • Language and communication barrier still exist
  • Difficult/costly to verify manufacturer and visit on-site
  • Longer shipping time
  • Cultural differences in business practices
  • Product importation and customs clearance


Alibaba is the world’s largest e-commerce B2B platform. It is known for buying cheap from China, finding suppliers from China.

However, when you open up Alibaba and search for ” Height Adjustable Desk Supplier ”  “Electric Height Adjustable Desk Supplier ” “Standing Desk Supplier” ,  it usually gives you a very long list, which end up a bit of headache, as the quality varies, and also you may end up with suppliers who are not a factory, but only a one-man band. This potentially increased the unnecessary risks for buyers.

Some experienced buyers tend to use agents to help them to validate suppliers they found online, or pay a visit to the factory which is complicated and expensive to begin with.

Tips in finding good standing desk supplier on Alibaba

To make life easier to search for the height adjustable desk standing desk supplier in China.  Here are some tips:

  1. Instead of search for height adjustable desk standing desk on Alibaba, search for “height adjustable desk supplier” “standing desk supplier”   (I can talk about why search for products is wasting time)   For example:
  2. Check the companies name and company description are relevant to the furniture industry. For example if the company name is “Trading company” ” importing exporting company”  or even some other industry, you basically can skip them. I saw a coal and mining company were listing selling height adjustable desk… will you buy office furniture from coal and mining company in Shanxi?
  3.  Check the listed companies website on google. If you can’t find this company’s website online, you should be alarmed. If they have a very poor website and have many not relevant products, they are a sole trader.
  4. If a company sells all sort of different office furniture, different materials, doesnt really focus on height adjustable desk, then they are very likely sourcing from other professional height adjustable desk factory.  For example, Ruishi ( is a very niche height adjustable desk manufacturer, our product line are very clear and the products are very focused.  JieCang it is the same, products are professional.
  5. Check product pictures, and the product information to see if they are professional and consistent.
  6. Instead of only sending email, you can arrange a conference call with the potential suppliers to see if the communication will be smooth or not, and know the people you may work with is important.

I hope this tips can help you to get the best standing desk supplier, and will talk more about Alibaba in later sharing.