In this article I seek to show why a height adjustable desk should be an essential part of any 21st Century office.

Why change your current table?

Height adjustable desks (or called Sit to Stand height adjustable desk ) are designed to assist people of varying heights to easily change their desks according to their preferences.  With the more advanced ranges allowing different users to assign particular heights to themselves.

They are also designed to assist users who regularly change their working positions.  Helping prevent back problems and irregular posture associated with prolonged static seating in front of traditional fixed work desk. Standing at an upright ergonomic height adjustable

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desk for parts of your day can offer greater relief, and help the recovery process of those with back problems.


With office space becoming more expensive, business will often seek smaller offices.  Height adjustable tables are said to be ideal for those offices where groups of workers often share desks.  Or shift working where different members of staff will use the desks throughout the day.  With more advanced ranges having memory functions, which will allow shifting workers to revert to their individual specifications.

Who can benefit?

Workers and employers alike.  A more comfortable and happy worker will certainly result in a more productive worker.  It will result in shorter rest breaks and thus increase their daily productivity.  With those who are taller no longer having to uncomfortably stoop or those who are shorter having to tip toe!

Disabled-user friendly:

Wheelchair users will find electrically operated tables a god-send.  Each user can adjust his or her desk entirely for their own specific needs.  Without feeling disenfranchised at work, thus allowing them integrate more easily, as they will not require specifically modified furniture entirely for their needs.


All in all the height adjusted desk make for a sleeker more efficient work place, which benefits both workers and employers alike.

Now that I have one, I don’t know what I would do without mine!

Author:  Amir Modjiri, This article was originally published by Amir Modjiri on Linkedin.