The sit-stand desk has been the new trend for a few years in the market now. It has become more and more common for offices to use a sit-stand height adjustable desks when they innovate their offices or open new offices.

Ruishi Height Adjustable Desk – Dual Motor 3 Stages

Studies show an improvement in discomfort and pain as people use the desks, And this was found not only in people who, for example, experienced low back pain, but also in adults with obesity and in healthy populations as well. It also improves productivity.

Sit-stand desks encourages users to move, because that’s what the human body really needs, our body is not built for sitting. Whether it’s shifting from foot to foot while standing or changing between sit-stand positions throughout the day, it’s important to avoid being still and sedentary for prolonged periods of time.

To best use your sit-stand desk, here are some tips:

1. Change positions frequently. Make a point of switching between sitting and standing every half hour.

2. Use good posture. Stand with legs under hips or sit with knees at a 90-degree angle for optimal posture.

3. Use an anti-fatigue mat under your feet. This can reduce lower back and leg pain.

4. Stand after eating lunch. It encourages you to move a bit more, which will help with digestion and burning calories.

5. Incorporate walking into your day. Take a break from the desk altogether during phone calls or meetings, if you can.

6. Talk to an ergonomics expert. Many offices have individuals who are knowledgeable about positioning computer monitors, keyboards, desks, and chairs. Reach out for advice.

Read more about the research here on CNN. Study review available here