The 41st China International Office Furniture Fair in Guangzhou finished end of March, I was there for a whole week as we have a big booth there. If you went there probably saw us. If you missed us and missed the fair, don’t worry. I will quickly summarize it for you.

Some quick tips for next year Office Furniture Fair exhibition if you will come to visit

For office furniture fair from 28th -31st March, it is very busy, and all packed with exhibitors and visitors.  The second and the third day is the busiest day in the show, if you want to avoid that, 1st day would be a choice.

Exhibition center opens at 9am, from 8:30-9:00 the traffic around exhibtion center was really bad. Come after 9 am would be better. If you want to get very detail information and would to have lot of time to discuss one specific product, around lunch time (12:30 -2:00), or later afternoon (4:00 -5:00) would be great to talk to a supplier for more detail. As this period is less busy, there will be no rush.

New Ergonomic Office Furniture Products

On the market, ergonomic office furniture including Office Chairs, Height Adjustable Desks, Standing Desks, Desk Converter/ Desk Riser, monitor arms, ergonomic accessories.

Adjustable height, adjustable angle, encouraging more active in work, ergonomic design to better support good posture is the main concepts for ergonomic office space, and still no change yet.

Chair is a huge market for ergonomic and very sophisticated for a desk maker. So I will put my focus on Height Adjustable Desk, Height Adjustable Table, Desk Converters in the Fair.

Height Adjustable Desk

From mechanism we can categorize them in crank manual height adjustable desk, cylinder gas lifting height adjustable desk, electric height adjustable desk.

Crank height adjustable desk as the cheapest option, and oldest mechanism in the last few years we see less and less this type product in the exhibition.

Gas lifting height adjustable desk has been there for a long time, but not too many suppliers at the moment, human scale float is one of the most successful gas lifting tables. Every year there will be few companies present their new gas lifting table, then disappear the second year, someone else will come up a similar product.  The reason for this is comparing to the electric mechanism, the gas spring mechanism is difficult to keep 2 legs parallel all the time, especially in heavy load or uneven pressure on the table.  In the last 3 years, we had gas lifting 2 legs desk on, then off, then back on the project again…very typical.

The electric height adjustable desks category hasn’s seen much change yet, most of the new products is to add on functional parts on existing structure, such as cable tray, treadmill, bicycle, flip tabletop etc.  For Ruishi, we expanded existing height adjustable desk range, provide solutions for clients with different needs, such as for e-commerce client want to minimize the shipping cost we have ligher frame, for certain market more economic version needed, we have single motor available.  For buyers want high quality or unique design we have our RS200PRE, RS300, RS400 etc, also have bluetooth control system as an option for clients.

Office Furniture Exhibition - Height Adjustable Desks

Office Furniture Exhibition - Height Adjustable Desks Single Motor