The traiff in the US has changed in late 2018. All the electric height adjustable desk made in China will face a 25% tariff when importing into the US market. The new tariff will apply from 1st Jan. 2019. An economic height adjustable desk product is needed.

Lots of office furniture companies in the US has on hold their project. They are wishing to wait for the market becomes more certain.

Ruishi had been working with US clients for years.  We totally understand the extra 25% will change the market for height adjustable desk a lot. To avoid such negative impact,  we developed a new dual-motor electric base, to help our clients to shoulder the extra cost, to maintain and even gain more market share in the new regime.

This new economic line, compare to Ruishi standard extra strong products it provides all the needs for normal office and home use.

With 220lb load capacity can easily carry all your computers, printer, monitor arm settings on your desk.

1000-1600mm telescopic frame can fit up to 1800mm / 71” tabletop.

Anti-collision protection included in the system as well.

This desk still has LED height read and 4 memories control.

The price is under $150/set, pls feel free to contact us for the B2B price.