Ruishi Height Adjustable Desk Supply is one of the fastest growing suppliers of the height adjustable standing desk and other ergonomic furniture. At the end of 2016, we moved from our old office in Shanghai to a new office in TaiCang.

Ruishi Height Adjustable Standing Desk Supply

During this time, we also expanded our factory, so we could improve our line of sit-stand desk. We can also produce double the amount of desks. The desks that we produce are also higher quality because we have more room and are sourcing better supplies.


Changes the Ways that We Sit

In the last 20 years, there have been changes in the way that we sit. Most people sit for hours every day. In most offices, the printer, scanner, and paperwork is kept close to the desk, so there is less walking needed to complete tasks.

Along with your commute to and from work, you are sitting for most of the day. This adds up to you spending most of the day sitting down and a lack of movement. This is very bad for our bodies. A sit-stand desk allows you to stand or sit depending on how you are feeling that day.





Flexibility to Switch from Sitting to Standing Desk

A sit-stand desk is a popular option in many offices, as we have learned about the health damage that prolonged time periods of sitting causes. This specialised desk allows you to change your sitting arrangement in just a few seconds.

Most desks have buttons that will adjust the desk, and the desk can adjust with all of your office equipment on top of the desk. Ruishi Height Adjustable Desk Supply offers desks that can lift up to 300 pounds.


The Best Type of Sit-Stand Desk

There are many models of the sit-stand desk that are offered from Ruishi. The best option for your office will depend on the equipment that you need to have on a desk. Each desk will have different motors, which will affect the amount of weight that the desk can lift.

You should also check the way the desk moves. For most people, a button operated motor is the best option because it adjusts the desk the faster. There is also a manual sit-stand desk that uses a crank to lift and lower the desk. This can be hard to use since the weight on the desk makes adjusting it harder because the crank can become difficult to move.

Ruishi Height Adjustable Desk Supply is looking to continue to expand their line of height adjustable standing desk. Adding a sit-stand desk to your office adds flexibility to your office. These desks are also great for offices that have many employees; especially since a height adjustable standing desk fits everyone’s sitting comfort levels.