Enormous studies and researches shows using standing desk to stand up is good for employees in the office. Recently, this trend is reaching to school.  Students sit down for relatively long hours per day while they study. School standing desk can not only improve student’s health, guestures, learn better but also can get a brain boost if they spend lessens on their feet. (Ref: Daily Mail)

Scientists have discovered using standing desks can improve the cognitive function of children by between seven and 14 per cent.
Standing up in classrooms could allow pupils to increase the amount they learn while at school. Researchers found children were more engaged and were better at solving problems when they used standing desks compared to traditional classroom seating plans.

Primary school in the UK becomes first in Europe to introduce desks allowing children to stand up while working in bid to improve concentration and health.

The school suggest that ‘It keeps them focused. They’re working better, their concentration is better, and when given the option, they want to continue standing rather than going back to sitting.

‘It doesn’t seem to be limited to certain lessons, as it seems to be working for everything – maths, English, even using a laptop.

‘And I’m glad that the excitement of the experiment has shown them that scientists aren’t boring or stuffy – science can be fun, like this.’

Dr Sally Barber, principal research fellow at medical researchers Born in Bradford, said: ‘The idea is two-fold. Firstly, we want to see whether we can change pupils’ behaviour.

‘We know if you can establish healthy lifestyles early in life, they can be continued into adulthood.

‘So a less sedentary lifestyle while you’re a child means less sedentary adults. There have also been studies which show that conditions like diabetes are affected by sitting for long periods of time.

‘Secondly, sitting for a long period of time has been shown to have a negative impact on children in terms of concentration and behaviour. We want to see if this study will change that.

Standing Desk for School - Ruishi RS100 Gas lifting Table Base

Standing Desk for School – Ruishi RS100 Gas lifting Table Base

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At Ruishi, except RS100 series gas lifting standing desk product line which is suitable for school, we will also have a new product line designed for students, will be ready in middle 2017.

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