Why Height Adjustable Office Desk Can Increase Performance

So how can height-adjustable office desks increase performance?

It may assist if we break it down into a simple equation:

Performance = Ability x Motivation x Opportunity


Sit to stand desks are said to positively affect Ability by providing comfortable and ambient conditions. Individuals can control and adjust his/her own conditions, thereby reducing health and safety risks. Studies have shown often uncomfortable conditions can have a negative impact on a worker’s ability to do work.


Height Adjustable Office desks that provide users with personal control can promote positive psychological engagement. It can create moods, which will affect thought processes and behavior which will are directly tied to Motivation. A more motivated worker makes for a more productive one.


Furniture can affect Opportunity, by providing access to equipment that reducing health and safety risks the user has the opportunity to increase their own productivity.

In conclusion, the right balance of ability, motivation, and opportunity an enhance workers performance.