According to Statista’s coworking space worldwide statistics, there are currently around 18,700 coworking spaces around the globe. The number is growing daily and is expected to reach nearly 26,000 by 2025. Flexible and coworking spaces will continue to flourish as technology allows us to remain connected wherever we may be located.

At the same time as real-estate costs rose near the turn of the century, open offices were attractive for packing in more workers for less. But they were also meant to usher in a new age of teamwork and collabration.

Furthermore, with the rise of email —and even cell phones, which allow people to take those personal stoop calls. This makes the intermittent interruption of socially-subscribed silence even more maddening than the ambient noise. When everyone’s trying to work quietly, so any interruption of that is very noticeable, especially when someone is having a loud coversation.

The Coworking space and open design trends also brings new problem for offices – privacy, noise, and distraction.

To solve issues of noise, distractions, and other factors typically associated with open spaces as well as smaller office footprints, designers are creating pieces that can serve multiple purposes and provide flexibility for customization of a space.

That the open floor plan, distracting and disruptive and encouraging of over-shoulder lurking, does more harm than good to American workers. A survey estimated that seven in 10 offices had lowered their partitions by 2017, driven by rising real estate costs and a desire to smooth out hierarchies and encourage more co-worker-on-co-worker face time. It’s just really stressful if you’re trying to focus and you’re listening to your neighbor chat with his or her dentist.

Companies are trying to figure out a way to bring back the privacy of the closed-plan office but without the square footage. To do it, they’re buying their own mini-isolation chambers in the form of personal acoustic phone booths, or “pods.” Which brings back what open offices took away, without turning offices back into “oppressed cubicle masses.”

There are a lot of things employees do in the privacy pods and acoustic phonebooth, like personal calls to family, doctors, and friends. But obviously not limited to that, everyone also uses them to concentrate on work. Some people if they have a one-to-one video or voice call, or a quick meeting, instead of using the whole meeting room, use the acoustic phone booth.

acoustic phonebooth, office pod, soundproofing office pod, acoustic phonebooth, office pod, soundproofing office pod, design and manufactured by Ruishi Hessenn Group
acoustic phonebooth, office pod, soundproofing office pod, design and manufactured by Ruishi Hessenn Group

The acoustic phone booth normally designed with transparent glass, the acoustic phone booth from Ruishi , Hessenn group , with 3 walls built in tempered soundproofing glass, you can still see the rest of the office, while not be interrupted, but at the same time not to use it for personal purpose for too long.

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